Car, Trailer & Caravan Lessons in Craigavon, NI

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Car Lessons

Things you need to know before your first lesson

  • You must be at least 17 years of age. 

  • You must have a full provisional licence. This currently costs £45. You can obtain an application form from your local post office

  • You must be able to read a number plate from approximately 67ft / 20.5 metres away. 

  • You are not allowed to drive on a public road on your own until you passed your driving test. 

Caravan and Trailer Lessons

Hamilton Car and Trailer Training are able to offer caravan handling and manoeuvring courses on our own private training area for those who have little or no towing experience and want to gain some confidence in handling and manoeuvring with their own vehicle and caravan. We can offer courses from two hours to a full day and they can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. 

From on the road towing lessons to reversing, Caravan Towing Lessons are structured to your individual requirements and our half day course can cover the following: 

  • Safe Loading of a Caravan 

  • Safe Hitching & un-hitching 

  • Towing & the Law 

  • Stabilisers, Stability, Snaking 

  • Weights, Matching, Nose Weights

  • Weather and The Road Conditions 

  • Reversing 

  • On The Road Driving Procedures, Pitching 

Caravan Towing Courses 

Options Available: 

• 1 Day Caravan Course ( 6 hour ) 
 • Caravan Reversing Course (2 or 3 hours) 

Special Family Deals 

•2 Family Members for the Price of 1 on our Day Courses 
•Caravan courses available 7 days a week 

If you have any queries or wish to book a lesson please call Hamilton School of Motoring